Our Global Community

​​Our global partnerships inspire our work and further our local impact. In addition to our partners in the local geographies in which we work, we invest in and partner with a small portfolio of changemakers with a global footprint. Aligned with our values and vision for impact, these partners provide important learnings that support our local work and can be scaled effectively for larger impact.

The Current Landscape

Education systems rooted in colonization and systemic racism have long reproduced their status quo. The COVID-19 pandemic and the compounding racial and economic crisis further exacerbated already inequitable education systems in many places around the world. While some nations and leaders looked to reimagine education, most struggled to weather new realities. Almost overnight, teachers, parents, educators and their communities had to change roles in order to meet urgent priorities. People and organizations had to pivot quickly and effectively to support holistic learning and family and community well-being.

What If

Imagine a world where learners are surrounded by a community support system that includes family, caregivers, mentors, teachers and community leaders. Where identity, belonging and cultural relevance are more inherently fostered and built into education. Imagine policies and politics providing intrinsic resources to set up these conditions so that learners can thrive. This is the future that we imagine and are co-creating with our partners.

Our Approach

With roots in local communities and branches that provide more international reach, we incorporate both local insight and the best of global science and evidence into our approach. As we listen, learn and grow with partners, we share knowledge, insights and connections across our network. As others build on these learnings, we can collectively drive the systemic change needed for all learners and their families to thrive.

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