Our Focus

Universal well-being requires lifelong, lifewide learning

Learning starts early and is unique for each person based on their individual circumstances. For this reason, we take a human-centric approach to the solutions we imagine. Viewing challenges from this 360° perspective, we consider the whole learner as well as their family and community, local educational policies and cultural contexts, available tools and technology, and more, to advance holistic solutions for systemic change.

We meet every learning opportunity with the knowledge and resources of our collective network of expertise. This collaborative approach creates space for more inclusive and innovative approaches to learning that are lifelong, in which we are always learning no matter our age, and lifewide, not just in school but at home, at work and beyond.

Our philosophy is rooted in systems change. With this perspective we bring a deep respect for both local needs and local leadership, a network inspired by global insights and innovation, and the dedication to continually learn and unlearn. We aspire to catalyze ideas, people and systems so every individual contributes and thrives in our changing and interdependent world.