Adult Learners

Honing the lifeskills needed to adapt and to thrive

The Challenge:

The nature of work is evolving faster than education systems. Shifts could leave millions of low and middle-income adult learners unable to develop the skills needed to adapt, advance, and prosper as well as find jobs that support their economic security and mobility.

Already, poor educational outcomes have led to skill gaps–40% of employers cannot recruit people with relevant skills. In most of the regions where we operate, traditional post-secondary systems have limitations regarding equitable access and success, persistence and completion, cost, and connection to employment. They are also generally not flexible on time to completion and recognition of existing knowledge or skills.

What If:

Throughout adult life, learners are supported to unlock their potential to thrive and contribute to their families and the world, passing down benefits to future generations? Financing no longer stood in the way, or unfairly burdened, learners in the most need of credentials?

Where We Focus:

Preparing Learners for Tomorrow, Today

Believing in lifelong learning means realizing and championing the importance of new opportunities for adult populations to continue their own growth. We are working around the globe to help foster a renewed purpose and spirit of autonomy for adult learners, finding smart and sophisticated ways to create better outcomes for those who never stop learning.

Adult Learners Focus Strategies:

We prepare learners for the future of work and society by investing in solutions that focus on economic opportunity and well-being. We look at innovative learning models connected with labor markets, innovative financing, and wraparound support services focused on access, completion, affordability and future success. With this flexibility, learners are able to respond to job market demands and significantly improve the prospects for economic security and mobility for themselves and their families.