Organization Name: Edquity

Focus Area: Adult Learners
Region: United States
Sector: For Profit
Investment Year: 2019
Three million students drop out of college every year due to a time sensitive financial crisis of less than $500 and 50% of college students suffer from either food or housing insecurity. Edquity is the first emergency aid and basic needs insecurity technology platform to help students overcome and avoid these issues and ensure that they have the financial means necessary to attain their hard-earned postsecondary credential.

Why We Invested

Nearly half of the 17 million students enrolled in two-year and four-year postsecondary institutions suffer from housing and food insecurity at any given time, which disproportionately impacts students of color, first-generation students and independent students. This problem is often exasperated for student parents, with about half of the student parent postsecondary population paying nearly $500/month on average for childcare expenses. Edquity is shifting how college and universities address basic need insecurities for all students, by offering a tech-based platform where students can efficiently request emergency aid and search for critical resources including mental health, transportation and childcare.

The issue of how financial challenges beyond tuition derail the college dreams of far too many learners — particularly low-income learners, first-generation college students, adult learners, and learners of color — is a social and economic justice issue, and our emergency aid work at Edquity is a critical solution to narrow the equity gaps in postsecondary outcomes and help the modern college student achieve social mobility in today's America.
David Helene, CEO, Edquity