Organization Name: Shujaaz

Focus Area: Adult Learners
Region: Africa
Sector: Non-Profit
Investment Year: 2020
Shujaaz Inc. is a network of social ventures based in Nairobi, Kenya. They believe this generation of young people can transform our global society for the better – that’s why they work to break down barriers so that young people can take control of the future. Their Emmy-award winning team of young East Africans run three social ventures: the multimedia youth platform ‘Shujaaz’ – East-Africa’s biggest youth brand; Hustla MBA – their digital learning community; and the newest venture – a digital networking platform, set to launch in 2020. Shujaaz inspires, entertains and mobilizes 7.5 million 15-24 year-olds across East Africa.

Why We Invested

Reaching 56% of young Kenyans and 24% of young Tanzanians, Shujaaz Inc. is East Africa’s biggest youth brand with over 7 million fans and readers. As a network of social ventures, the organization seeks to inspire, engage and mobilize youth providing them with skills, information and insights for success. At a time of great uncertainty with unprecedented effects of COVID-19 on youth livelihoods, our investment in Shujaaz serves to ensure that youth voices and experiences are heard, elevated and empowered. It is an incredible opportunity to partner with a deeply respected organization to deeply listen and learn on the state and demands of youth as it pertains to their livelihoods, education and employment. And, we hope to elevate these insights to promote solutions to build agency for East African youth.

Shujaaz is a call out to young people to step it up. Don’t wait, it’s not coming, you’ve got to make your own future.
Rob Burnet, Founder and CEO, Shujaaz Inc