A Look Back at 2022: Redefining Impact with Our Partners
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Imagine a world where every person has the opportunity to build a brighter future for themselves and their community. Imagine a world where learners, families and communities drive innovative solutions that foster well-being and dismantle systemic barriers to learning. Imaginable Futures works together with our partners to make that world our collective reality.

Why Imaginable Futures

Learning, to Change Our Future

Learning is crucial to individual and family well-being. It’s also key to building thriving and more equitable societies. Too often, current education systems reproduce inequities and create barriers to learning. As a global philanthropic investment firm, we invest in people and ideas that drive holistic learning and seek impact that makes systems healthier and more equitable.

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Impacting Learners and their Community

There has never been a greater need for imaginative ideas and inclusive, collaborative leadership in learning. We work together with changemakers to ensure that communities are involved in creating the solutions that work for them. Together with our partners, we are dedicated to co-creating more equitable and healthy systems that give everyone the opportunity to thrive.

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Supporting Youth Through Community-Driven Systems Change

Our partnership with Firelight Foundation is anchored on the shared belief that young people are the most powerful resource to create change. Youth are critical voices in chartering new solutions and territories for themselves and their communities.

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Renewing Our Commitment to Racial Equity in Brazil

Our work in Brazil went through a substantial shift in the past two years, mostly because we had the fortune to encounter and to be in dialogue with many Indigenous and Black leaders who are committed to advancing racial equity in education. We share our renewed strategy in racial equity, co-created alongside them.

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From Vision to Reality: Transforming Child Care in the States

Coordinated by the Alliance for Early Success, Child Care NEXT is an initiative that supports six states that are ready to mount equity-driven campaigns to achieve transformative change on child care.

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Our portfolio numbers include those investments made as part of Omidyar Network that have transitioned to Imaginable Futures and those investments made in affiliation with Omidyar Network India. Countries include where our portfolio self-identified impact.