From IF's Amy Klement: "Measuring for Impact Beyond The Surface"
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Imagine a world where every person has the opportunity to build a brighter future for themselves and their community. Imagine a world where learners, families and communities drive innovative solutions that foster well-being and dismantle systemic barriers to learning. Imaginable Futures works together with our partners to make that world our collective reality.

Why Imaginable Futures

Learning, to Change Our Future

Learning is crucial to individual and family well-being. It’s also key to building thriving and more equitable societies. Too often, current education systems reproduce inequities and create barriers to learning. As a global philanthropic investment firm, we invest in people and ideas that drive holistic learning and seek impact that makes systems healthier and more equitable.

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Impacting Learners and their Community

There has never been a greater need for imaginative ideas and inclusive, collaborative leadership in learning. We work together with changemakers to ensure that communities are involved in creating the solutions that work for them. Together with our partners, we are dedicated to co-creating more equitable and healthy systems that give everyone the opportunity to thrive.

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Investing in South Africa's Early Care Ecosystem

A country’s investment in the early childhood development sector is an investment in the future of children, families and communities. Innovation Edge (IE) is a grantmaking and investment fund that believes a better future for South African children is possible through transformative early learning experiences. Since the beginning our partnership in 2014, we have witnessed time and time again numerous examples of how IE supports ECD entrepreneurs, meeting them where they are.

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Caring for the Future

While much has been written about the foundational role of child care in making all other work possible, the month of May reminded us that caregiving opens up much more to us than work. Learn how our partners are meeting parents where they dream and caring for the generations of today and the future.

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A Path Towards Stronger and More Just Societies through Gender and Racial Equity in Education

Inequities in education are most pronounced among girls who are Black, Indigenous and Quilombola—populations that face the largest systemic barriers out of poverty in Brazil. on. Since 2018, Malala Fund Brazil has been supporting the work of local activists and organizations that work to address the barriers keeping girls from accessing education. Will you join us in creating a future where all girls can be who they dream?

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Our portfolio numbers include those investments made as part of Omidyar Network that have transitioned to Imaginable Futures and those investments made in affiliation with Omidyar Network India. Countries include where our portfolio self-identified impact.