Growing Learners

Unleashing Every Learner’s Potential

The Challenge:

During the primary schooling years, in childhood and adolescence, the building blocks of continued development are formed: foundational literacies, a sense of identity and shared responsibility, along with a student’s capacity for leadership, both in themselves and amongst their communities.

Yet, 617 million children and adolescents cannot read and do basic math. Perhaps most concerning is that few learning experiences focus on 21st century competencies and global citizenship skills - both critical given the changing nature of the world.

What If:

All children had access to high quality learning that met them both where they are and where they dream? All children were able to acquire key literacies, competencies and mindsets, and a sense of identity and purpose enabling them to create change for themselves and their broader communities?

Where We Focus:

Reshaping the Way We Teach and Learn

With the best conditions and resources, learners develop the skills and competencies to prosper while creating lifetimes of ripple effects for their families and communities. Generations of inequitable conditions have created deep bias in our systems of schooling. We champion our partners to bring awareness to these conditions and create solutions and systems that enable all learners to thrive.

Growing Learners Focus Strategies:

Imagining Better Schools

Parents all around the world make choices they believe will be best for their children, and more parents than ever before are now choosing to send their children to affordable private schools. We invest in efficacious, low-cost innovative school models that meet family demand with quality, demonstrate what is possible in low-resourced environments, and support government school systems to better serve students and communities. Further, we back ecosystem partners to increase the quality of this highly fragmented space and encourage government partnerships to leverage high quality school operators that create improved student outcomes.

Going Beyond Academics

Learning has never been more crucial given the pace of change in today’s world. We know that with loneliness, anxiety and other mental health issues on the rise, more focus on social emotional learning will be essential for the well-being of our growing learners today and in the future to encourage resilience and personal mastery. And, in an increasingly diverse and interconnected world, building strengths like understanding and compassion is essential. Thus, in our key markets, we are making initial investments in life skills and 21st century competencies, like creativity and critical thinking.

Enabling Quality Learning at Scale with Technology - Everywhere and Anywhere

We believe there is an important opportunity to harness appropriate technologies as tools to scale more accessible, quality, personalized and ultimately equitable learning.

However, many classrooms and school systems struggle to select, procure, implement and utilize edtech effectively and equitably. We focus our edtech investments on developing and supporting an ecosystem of innovations that catalyze equitable learning. We support differentiated learning and remediation, new systems for government procurement and implementation in public schools, teacher training and support and evidence of improved learning.