Like many organizations this past year, we’ve questioned if we should remain on Twitter. Being true to our justice seeker value, it’s hard to engage in and on a platform that is contributing to misinformation and a rise of hate speech. We know among many of our peers, we are not alone in our thinking. The decision to leave would have been the easier route: it closes the door on debate and gives us a definitive answer.

When concerns first surfaced around Twitter, we stopped our paid ads, and then spent time reflecting with our full team. In alignment with our values—we are choosing to remain because for now, it’s still a way we are able to listen, share and amplify the work of our partners and stay connected to our community.

What’s Next?

This work forced us to catalyze a full 360 refresh of how, where and why we are communicate with our audiences. We’re excited to share what we came up with and what is next:

  1. Instagram: We’re now on Instagram! Over the years, we’ve seen a growing number of partners across the geographies we work in engage on the channel and we’re excited to explore how this could enhance our work and meet new audiences. We invite you to follow us on Instagram.
  2. Facebook: After pausing our Facebook account, we’ve transitioned this channel to Imaginable Futures-Africa, to be more proximate to our audiences in Kenya and South Africa and to the local communities in which they work.
  3. LinkedIn: Responding to increased engagement on the channel from our partners, we have been increasing our efforts and plan to explore features available on LinkedIn that we haven’t tapped into before.
  4. Email: We’re working to create a more robust email communications strategy in the months to come. For now, we invite you to subscribe to our email list to stay current on our latest news and learnings.
  5. Twitter: For now, we’re remaining on the platform, and will continue to monitor how the platform evolves.

We know that communications practices—and the tactics we use—are constantly changing, but we remain firm in our commitment to supporting our partners and their work in creating more equitable and holistic futures for learners and their families.

Your feedback is welcomed: