Organization Name: Agenda Edu

Focus Area: Growing Learners
Region: Brazil / Latin America
Sector: For Profit
Investment Year: 2018
Status: Exit
Agenda Edu is a communication and engagement platform in for the education field in Brazil that offers features such as messages, school diary, photo album, events calendar, health tracking, and a unique payment solution. Agenda Edu can be integrated with other solutions and platforms in a fast and simple way, allowing it to be an education hub to schools. A market leader in Brazil, Agenda Edu is used in more than 1,500 schools with more than 1 million users. They aim to reach 10 million students within the public and private schools by 2022.

Why We Invested

Even in the most effecient schools in Latin America instructional time in the classroom is a full 20 percentage points below best practice levels, meaning that students are losing an entire school day every week from their "learning time." The vast majority of the lost time came from classroom management and administrative requirements — taking attendance, grading homework, distributing papers. Agenda Edu's platform enables improved efficiency, management, and communication in schools enabling teachers, schools leaders and school directors to focus on what matters most -- students' learning.

What We've Learned

Agenda Edu is not just solving a key issue for schools, but solving a gap for parents. In line with our hypothesis that middleware creates a platform to provide addition digital services to schools and parents, Agenda Edu recently rolled out an integration with EduGo! to help parents easily manage school pick up and drop off.

I believe in technology as a fundamental tool for achieving scale and efficiency in the processes that support education. At Agenda Edu we work daily to deliver a platform that improves the relationship between educators, family members, and students, enabling a greater engagement of these actors in their educational journeys.
Anderson Morais, CEO, Agenda EDU