Organization Name: Altitude Learning

Focus Area: Growing Learners
Region: United States
Sector: Non-Profit
Investment Year: 2014
Status: Alumni
Altitude Learning is an educator-run startup powering the growing learner-centered movement. With both professional learning and a technology platform, it meets schools and districts where they are to catalyze and accelerate their shift to learner-centered education.

Why We Invested

The US education system is in need of innovation, however the school-based innovation rooted in the charter movement has been slow to scale. We invested in Altitude Learning (previously AltSchool) to learn boldly about the viability of small-scale micro schools and the role of technology in cultivating student-centric and personalized learning environments, as well as in enhancing teacher effectiveness.

The industrial model of education brought a baseline level of access to many learners across the world. Today we are ready for the next transformation: learner-centered models that enable every child to reach their full potential.
Ben Kornell, President and CEO, Altitude Learning