Organization Name: Árvore Educação

Focus Area: Growing Learners
Region: Brazil / Latin America
Sector: For Profit
Investment Year: 2019
Árvore Educação is a digital literacy solution to foster critical thinking and reading comprehension skills. It was created from the union between two of the most important Brazilian EdTechs: Árvore de Livros and Guten. Together, Árvore Educação wants to impact even more schools, encouraging reading through curated content collections and bringing innovation to the classroom. To achieve this shared dream, their products provide a playful and fun environment for students while their pedagogical team fully supports educators on a daily basis.

Why We Invested

As of 2017, 44% of Brazilian fifth graders scored basic or below proficient in the national reading assessment. Access to quality material is a prerequisite for high quality literacy instruction yet 62% of schools in Brazil do not have libraries. Today, Árvore offers a “Netflix for eBooks”, with over 30,000 ebooks, magazines, and newspapers from 600 Brazilian publishers. In some schools, Árvore replaces physical books that previously were an extra cost and logistical hassle for parents at the start of the year, while in other schools, Árvore fills a critical access gap.