Organization Name: Assessment of Life Skills and Values (ALiVE)

Focus Area: Growing Learners
Region: Africa
Sector: Non-Profit
Investment Year: 2020
Assessment of Life Skills Values (ALiVE) of the Regional Education Learning Initiative (RELI) is a collaborative that seeks to generate evidence and knowledge of social emotional learning (SEL), foster a community coalition and influence policy through advocacy in East African countries including Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. RELI is a collaborative peer-learning network of 70 organizations that work to improve learning outcomes for marginalized learners in East Africa, and it is led by the Zizi Afrique Foundation.

Why We Invested

There is growing recognition that SEL competencies promote deeper learning by equipping students with the necessary tools to adapt to diverse situations and become lifelong learners. Recent emphasis on soft skills in school and the workplace presents an opportunity for East African countries to adapt to innovative and contextualized integration of SEL. Current efforts for integration in East African have faced challenges that lead to suboptimal delivery and uneven student learning. ALiVE’s work aims to address these challenges through its dual approach of designing and developing contextualized SEL tools, while also working to influence public policy through its evidence-based research.

The biggest crisis of our time is schooling without learning, and graduating without the capabilities needed for work and life. We are a team of extremely passionate people, working restlessly to create a responsive system that creates opportunity for the children furthest behind, and youth without skills, that they access equitable opportunity to learn and thrive.
John Mugo, Executive Director, Zizi Afrique Foundation (organization leading ALiVE effort)