Organization Name: CONAQ

Focus Area: Adult Learners
Region: Brazil
Sector: Non-profit
Investment Year: 2023
Coordenação Nacional de Articulação das Comunidades Negras Rurais Quilombolas (CONAQ) has been advocating for the rights of Quilombola communities since 1996. Today, CONAQ works in 24 of 26 Brazilian states, and is one of the most active agents of the contemporary Black movement.

Why We Invested

An estimated 6500 Quilombola communities today exist in Brazil— together, they symbolize the conservation of Afro-Brazilian history and culture. Many Quilombola families live in rural areas, and still do not have access to electricity, treated water systems. Further, they are impacted by public policies that don’t meet basic human rights such as the right to education, health or transportation. CONAQ’s work is organized in thematic groups of Quilombola leaders, who work together on issues such as health, education, legal, women’s rights and more. We have invested in the Education Collective of CONAQ to further build its capacity. Specifically, we believe it will help their robust data collection efforts, which then can be used in its advocacy efforts.

I believe research can be a powerful tool in the political fight of the movement. I will no longer raise flags, sleep in train stations during protests. I've done all that. Now I want to produce data and help others do the same, knowing that this is what stays and what transforms.
Givânia Maria da Silva, cofundadora, CONAQ