Organization Name: Education Partnerships Group

Focus Area: Growing Learners
Region: Africa
Sector: Non-Profit
Investment Year: 2013
Status: Alumni
The Education Partnerships Group is an international not-for-profit consultancy. They partner with governments to help shape and strengthen their education systems – to help make sure that all children are able to go to school and learn.

Why We Invested

As government systems struggle to deliver quality education to disadvantaged populations, reformers have begun to actively explore alternatives. In public-private partnerships (PPPs) private provision of education can be supported by public funding, combining equity with competition and innovation. However, the regulatory and fiscal frameworks for PPPs are complex and need to be designed correctly. Given its proven academic success as a school network, multi-geography experience and deep bench of technical expertise, in 2013, the Education Partnerships Group established a dedicated practice to respond to requests for support in the design and adoption of well-designed, appropriately regulated PPP models in the developing world.

We believe in the power of Governments to build better, stronger education systems and that supporting them to do this is essential for the success to any sustainable progress.
Sam Freedman CEO, ARK International