Organization Name: Elas+ Fund

Focus Area: Adult Learners
Region: Brazil
Sector: Non-Profit
Investment Year: 2023
The Elas+ Fund (Elas+) mobilizes companies, governments, multilateral organizations, foundations and individuals in Brazil and abroad towards the Women’s movement. To do its work, Elas+ hosts RFPs for projects, and also provides technical support in areas such as communications, institutional development, and fundraising. It also works as a convener, facilitating joint actions among the organizations.

Why We Invested

We are supporting Elas+’s newly formed two-week exchange program designed for Black women who are fighting for racial and social justice. The exchange program provides an opportunity for Black organizations to understand and learn from Black movements in the US, including the tools and strategies used, and the setbacks they’ve experience that they could potentially anticipate happening also in Brazil. We believe that the exchange program would help strengthen the international network of activists and social movements, especially because so much can be learned from leaning into one another’s wisdom and collective experience.

Elas+ brings together the women selected to get to know each other's proposals and to network in order to leverage resources and actions. We have a system for accompanying and evaluating the results so that the groups and organizations can see themselves and improve their actions. The aim is to strengthen these groups, much more than to monitor them.
Amalia Fischer, Executive Director, Elas+