Organization Name: FINAE

Focus Area: Adult Learners
Region: Latin America
Sector: For Profit
Investment Year: 2014
FINAE is a financial institution that grants student loans to young Mexicans who are the base of the pyramid and want to study a bachelor's degree or a postgraduate course in any of the universities within the Mexican Republic that are part of their network of partner universities. FINAE has designed student loan products that suit the market needs and enhance access to tertiary education for thousands of Mexicans across the country.

Why We Invested

In Mexico, students who complete a tertiary degree benefit from significantly higher earnings potential, earning on average three times more than their non-tertiary educated peers. Additionally, Mexican youth whose parents complete university are significantly more likely to also attend university, evidence that tertiary education is a critical part of breaking the cycle of poverty in the country. However, Mexico's tertiary education system struggles with high rates of drop-outs, as many students leave their programs due to financial hardship. FINAE aims to support these students, providing financing to students who could not afford to attend college without it.

An investment in education has the highest returns. Mexico has an excellent opportunity to improve the educational level of millions of students. Low-income students can reach better chances.
Francisco Vizcaya, Founder and CEO, FINAE