Organization Name: Grass Roots Innovation for Change

Focus Area: Growing Learners / Adult Learners
Region: Africa
Sector: Non-Profit
Investment Year: 2023
Grass Roots Innovation for Change (GRIC) is a locally-led organization that promotes community-based learning and sustainable development for communities with limited resources. GRIC connects CBOs, parents and youth-led groups; and helps them build innovative, sustainable and scalable solutions that increase opportunities for learners, and to create lasting change in African countries.

Why We Invested

The lack of visible opportunities and options often leave youth in the rural communities of Kenya feeling isolated and ill-prepared to thrive.We invested in GRIC because they partner with community, youth and grassroots organizations, providing them with resources and skilling to implement innovative and scalable solutions. GRIC believes that if structures and institutions are in touch with the day-to-day of communities, and are given the support they need, then they would be better able to offer support to young people.

GRIC is a young organization that was formed to fill a big gap of strengthening the capacity of grassroots organizations to allow them to grow, thrive and take their rightful space of delivering quality education and overall social development services to their communities.
Wangui Nyaga, Executive Director, GRIC