Organization Name: Jobs for the Future

Focus Area: Adult Learners
Region: United States
Sector: Non-Profit
Investment Year: 2020
Status: Alumni
Jobs for the Future (JFF) focuses on accelerating the alignment and transformation of the American workforce and education systems to ensure access to economic advancement for all. Its Financing the Future initiative explores and does research on innovative workforce and education financing options and approaches. The goal of the initiative is to be a national hub for conversations around innovative approaches to financing skills development.

Why We Invested

Student parents have significantly more student loan debt than their non-parenting peers ($6,500 vs. $3,500). There is a need for greater financing options for student parents to finance their postsecondary education. JFF’s Finance the Future initiative explores the variety of innovative financing tools that could lead to greater postsecondary access and completion of students, including student parents.

We know that enabling lifelong learning is key to unlocking true economic advancement. Through our Financing the Future initiative and our partnership with Imaginable Futures, we’re working to lower the financial burdens that prevent learners of all ages from accessing education and skills development opportunities. This partnership will enable us to study innovative approaches and spur the development of new ideas that will make postsecondary education and training accessible to people of all income backgrounds.
Maria Flynn, president and CEO, Jobs for the Future