Organization Name: National Black Child Development Institute

Focus Area: Littlest Learners
Region: United States
Sector: Non-Profit
Investment Year: 2022
The National Black Child Development Institute's (NBCDI) mission is to improve and advance the quality of life for Black children and families through education and advocacy. Its story started over 50 years ago in the wake of the Civil Rights Movement. NBCDI has worked to promote hope and ignite movements to develop strategies to improve the lives of Black children through educational activities and advocacy.

Why We Invested

Established in 1970 to improve and advance the quality of life for Black children and families through education and advocacy, NBCDI has been one of the only national organizations solely focused on the wellbeing of Black children, with a particular focus on the early childhood years. We share NBCDI’s view that quality, early learning and a positive self-identity is foundational to the wellbeing and future trajectory of Black children. With an established grassroots affiliate network built over 50 years, NBCDI can mobilize Black parents and communities to champion universal access to child care and bolster support for care provided by friends, family and neighbors, a vital source of caregiving support for communities of color. We invested in NBCDI’s expansive vision for the future, delivering strengths-based, culturally relevant and trauma-informed resources that empower Black families to use their voices and advocate for their unique needs.

In order to work to achieve our mission, I have spent the last year listening, asking many questions and learning with our team, our board, council of elders, affiliates, funders, and other partners. I am proud to state that we have made significant accomplishments: co-creating our strategic plan; strengthening our organizational culture; reengaging old partners and building new relationships that will move our work forward. We have gotten clearer on our vision and mission. We are moving forward with renewed focus, energy, and commitment to our work as the preeminent institute focused on the development of Black children.
Dr. Leah Austin, President & CEO