Organization Name: Odara Instituto da Mulher Negra

Focus Area: Adult Learners
Region: Brazil
Sector: Non-Profit
Investment Year: 2022
Odara Institute aims to overcome discrimination and prejudice for Black women and their families, and finds opportunities for their socio-political and economic inclusion. Its formation in 2010 is the result of a consortium between five Black women's feminist organizations: N'zinga - Black Women's Collective, Renascer Mulher Association, Sou Divina, Uniart and Obirinlá.

Why We Invested

A new 10-year National Education Plan (PNE), outlining guidelines, goals and strategy for the country’s education systems, will replace the current one set to expire June 2024. There is currently a great deal of dissatisfaction with the implementation of the first decade of the PNE, both on the part of civil society, especially the Indigenous, Quilombola and Black movements, and the Government. We invested Odara during this pivotal time, as they carry out their training and mobilization efforts to advocate for PNE recommendations that will positively impact Black women and their families, particularly for those who live in the Northeast and Amazon regions.

Odara is the result of many experiences that matured its political views regarding Brazilian society. The Institute has become an umbrella for other organizations that have established themselves in a powerful consortium for advocacy in community. We have our format as we focus on the idea of the radical. The radicalism of Black women and Black lesbians is present in the organization.
Valdecir Nascimento, Executive Coordinator, Odara