Organization Name: Platzi

Focus Area: Adult Learners
Region: Latin America
Sector: For Profit
Investment Year: 2015
Status: Exit
Platzi is an online community and platform specializing in technology education in Latin America. With its catalog of over 300 courses including programming, marketing, management, trading, video production, and photography,Platzi focuses on tech skills that are in high demand by employers. The company has served over one million students from across 20 nations to date, and is one of the largest tech schools in the Spanish-speaking world.

Why We Invested

More than 22 million young people in Latin America neither work nor study -- as the region's existing educational offerings are insufficient. In person courses and universities are often too expensive or too far away from the learner, while massive online courses (MOOCs) have low engagement rates or are not offered in Spanish. Platzi's goal is to prepare a new generation of tech professionals in Latin America by offering engaging online content and communities. Platzi has a course completion rate above 70%, and has demonstrated impressive impacts on earnings for individuals who complete multiple Platzi courses.

Overcoming poverty In Latin America takes from 5 to 7 generations. However, it takes a year for Platzi students. We want people to invest in their education to get ahead. Platzi is the fastest way to do it.
Freddy Vega, CEO, Platzi