Organization Name: Promise Venture Studio

Focus Area: Littlest Learners
Region: United States
Sector: Non-Profit
Investment Year: 2018
Promise Venture Studio is a non-profit with a mission to support innovators and accelerate innovations for equity in Early Childhood Development. Across their network of 400 organizations in ECD, they Unite proximate BIPOC leaders to drive personal sustainability and collective power, Accelerate the impact of equity-driven social ventures, and Connect innovators and ventures to sources of capital and customers.

Why We Invested

Focused on entrepreneurs and organizations impacting birth to five years of age in the US, Promise Venture Studio provides support, access to resources, and programs to help entrepreneurs flourish as they innovate the early childhood ecosystem. Promise was incubated at Omidyar Network in partnership with Matt Glickman as entrepreneur-in-residence. Matt now serves as Promise's co-founder and managing partner.

What We've Learned

Promise Venture Studio has already demonstrated the demand for a community focused on early childhood innovation, attracting hundreds of entrepreneurs to apply for their Promising Ventures Fellowship and thousands of collaborators seeking to join the community. With new events, tools, and programs launching all the time, there is increasingly more promise to be realized with hopes of catalyzing breakthrough innovation for our littlest learners.

I can think of no work more important, more inspiring and more necessary than helping all children fulfill their innate promise.
Matt Glickman, Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Promise Venture Studio