Organization Name: Quintessa

Focus Area: Growing Learners / Adult Learners
Region: Brazil / Latin America
Sector: Non-Profit
Investment Year: 2020
Status: Alumni
Quintessa launched in 2009 to promote a new way of doing business and to transform Brazil through entrepreneurial and innovative solutions that address the country’s social and environmental challenges. Aiming to produce both positive social impact and financial results, Quintessa is an accelerator program that has worked with social entrepreneurs, large companies, investors, institutes and foundations to identify and support more than 250 effective startups focused on education, health, environment and equity.

Why We Invested

In collaboration with the Lemann Foundation, we support Quintessa’s ImpulsiONar program, which aims to accelerate organizations bringing modern technology to public education classrooms. Partnering with an accelerator like Quintessa is an important step in supporting organizations that are already working with our public schools. Through these efforts, we hope to better understand where learning gaps and equity challenges exist within K-12 education and the technology-powered solutions to address them.