Organization Name: Todos pela Educação

Focus Area: Growing Learners
Region: Brazil / Latin America
Sector: Non-Profit
Investment Year: 2022
Todos pela Educação is a civil society organization with a single objective: To change the quality of basic education in Brazil. As a non-profit and non-governmental organization without links to political parties, the organization is financed by private resources, guaranteeing them the necessary independence to challenge what needs to be challenged and to change what needs to be changed.

Why We Invested

Since 2021, Todos pela Educação has included racial equity as one of its priority themes in Education Now, a document that proposes priorities for public education in Brazil. We hope that our investment will increase the organization's commitment to racial equity and affirmative action. In addition, we are helping Todos pela Educação diversify its partners, where 50% of the donation will go towards hiring Black organizations to help strengthen their internal and external commitment for social justice, equity, diversity and inclusion.