Organization Name: Wildflower Schools

Focus Area: Littlest Learners
Region: United States
Sector: Non-Profit
Investment Year: 2017
Wildflower is a decentralized network of beautiful, teacher-led, intentionally-diverse Montessori micro-schools. Wildflower offers human-scaled, child-centered educational environments as an alternative to traditional, institutional settings. Wildflower tools and systems simplify the school startup and administration process for teachers and the Wildflower community provides professional support and development. Because of their nimble model, Wildflower operates as independent, public, charter, or innovation schools.

Why We Invested

The early learning workforce, on average, suffers from low pay, poor working conditions, and limited professional development, resulting in high levels of turnover and thus, reduced quality for children. Through its decentralized network, Wildflower provides administrative tools that help teachers start and run their own programs quickly and easily, helping with startup, admissions, enrollment, and financial management. The results show, with 94% annual teacher retention. Leveraging the highly evidence-based Montessori Method, Wildflower’s innovative school model has the potential to prepare more children for a lifetime of learning.

Each Wildflower school is the life's work of an extraordinary pair of educators who envisioned the school and brought it to life with our support. In Wildflower schools, we work to ensure that all children have the opportunity to learn and grow in environments that respect them as human beings, guided and supported by highly-trained, loving teachers.
Matthew Kramer, CEO, Wildflower Schools