While an increasingly interconnected and digital world is full of new opportunities, taking advantage of those prospects requires the right conditions, which aren’t always available to people.

Laboratoria exists to drive a more diverse, inclusive and competitive digital economy in Latin America, that opens up opportunities for all people, equally.

They know that Identifying and nurturing talent is the key to creating a more inclusive, diverse and thriving workforce.

Laboratoria’s secret to fast-tracking talent is an immersive bootcamp which focuses on web development and UX design. Through the innovative program, students manage different projects that simulate a real-world work environment, helping them learn skills like how to navigate ambiguity, adapting to change and learning on one’s own.

But the real story of Laboratoria isn’t in the organization or its program. It lies in the simple, breathtaking stories of the women who are creating a new future for themselves and their families.

Meet Rosa

Rosa Colunga

Rosa Colunga is not your average UX designer. Working in a highly saturated market where graphic designers have historically had few growth opportunities, she wanted to take a step up to change for the better. Laboratoria connected her with one of its partners, Citibanamex. The new position enabled Rosa to branch out, taking on new challenges and feeling part of a supportive, trusting team. She’s now currently responsible for the User Research & Testing of the company’s mobile app, working with the entire UI-UX team.

In her own words: “Laboratoria is a life-changing experience. Entering the technology sector opened endless possibilities for me. It has given me the opportunity to grow, to learn something new every day, to meet wonderful people and to obtain the economic and personal independence that we all deserve.”

Meet Estefania

Estefania Telis

Estefania Tellis, a UX Designer who has migrated from Venezuela to Peru to fulfill her dreams, is proof that determination, when met with the right opportunity can become a springboard to a new life.

After trying to study medicine and digital marketing, she faced impossible conditions as a small business owner and was forced to leave her home country in search of better opportunities. While she was able to find work, it was taxing and didn’t provide her new challenges.

When she found Laboratoria, she knew she was on to something wonderful. A few weeks after finishing bootcamp, she was hired by Scotiabank. Now, she’s able to support her family back in Venezuela.

She says it best: “I received precisely the emotional support I needed to overcome the hard experience of leaving my family and country behind, and many Laboratorians supported me in my adaptation period. After 3 months in the bootcamp, I chose the UX Design track since I liked the idea of understanding the users’ needs, feeling I could merge it with my previous learnings from college. I actually found a real passion.”

Meet Susan

Susana Opazo

Susan Opazo works at Thoughtworks, and soon after being hired she represented Thoughtworks Andes for the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing in 2018.

"Before entering Laboratoria, I was looking for change, trying to be someone better, and Laboratoria came to reinforce that change in my life. They told me, “you have to be better everyday, not for others, for yourself”. They urged me to move forward, not allowing me to stay behind because of fears, shame, or insecurities. I learned to code, almost quadrupled my income at Thoughtworks, but most importantly, I acquired the self-confidence I needed. There is a before and after, and important changes came after Laboratoria. Looking back, now I feel capable of many more things, I consider that everything is possible now. "

Laboratoria is providing ground-breaking opportunities that not only envision a new future for women, but works every day to make an impact for individuals and their families to create the type of ripple effects of learning that can lead to empowering new generations. Imaginable Futures will continue to support the work of Laboratoria as it continues to connect women and opportunities in support of a brighter future.