Despite the growing need, the dream of building new opportunities for young learners can be a challenge. Qualified leaders face hurdles in many different areas, just to be able to open up their doors. Thanks to the work of Wonderschool, which is building the largest network of modern early education programs, helping hundreds of motivated caregivers learn, act and realize their goals is getting easier.

Jojos Playhouse

Joelle Kenyatta wanted to start her own child care program in order to offer her expertise and love for education, as well as gaining the financial independence that would come from owning her own business. She was able to take advantage Wonderschool’s platform and transform her local space in San Francisco into a wonderful, welcoming learning environment -- JoJo’s Wonderschool Playhouse.

By providing dedicated support, technology, training, mentorship, and community, Wonderschool is letting teachers focus on what they do best -- teaching -- and allows them to earn a sustainable living in the field they love.

Wonderschool even assisted her to navigate the licensing process and she earned her license in less than two months--her business is now thriving and she hopes eventually to open a child care center in order to serve even more families. Wondershcool and motivated entrepreneurs like Joelle are giving more of our Littlest Learners the opportunity to benefit from having a safe, secure, engaging space in which to grow.

There’s not a single magic solution to the child care crisis, because we have to increase quality, we have to increase supply, and we have to increase access—but if we fulfill our mission, our work will take us to a future when kids will not know a time when you couldn’t get access to high-quality early education.
Chris Bennett, co-founder and CEO of Wonderschool

Little Finch Forest School

This same approach was taken with Little Finch Forest School, a play-based outdoor program for young children in Los Angeles that has thrived thanks in part to Wonderschool and highlights how our Littlest Learners benefit from interesting and diverse early care opportunities. This unique program connects little learners to nature, and uses all it has to offer to support their development. Through observation and exploration the children learn new concepts, and practice their social skills.

Here’s what one of the happy parents has to say about the program:

“As Little Finch Forest School has grown, adding both new students and teachers, the school has been very supportive to ensure my child is adapting well to the changes. I feel like the school genuinely cares about the wellbeing of both students and parents. I see how the school supports my child's curiosity, creativity, and individuality. As a result, the school has helped him to blossom and acquire new cognitive and decision-making skills as well as confidence and joy. I cherish what Little Finch has helped deliver to my child, and am so grateful to them as well as to Wonderschool for enabling people like Cristina Taratchila to be able to establish Little Finch.”

Creating quality in-home care and preschools near areas where there is both need for parents and children and opportunity for care givers, allows for better, more effective outcomes. We will continue to help Wonderschool create a bright future in learning.