The Rise Prize was designed to raise awareness about student parents, also known as Risers, and to accelerate solutions that address their postsecondary success, economic mobility and well-being. We received more than 300 applications from nonprofit organizations, for-profit companies and postsecondary institutions that are tackling the barriers faced by Risers, from child care to career navigation.

The Rise Prize: Fostering Innovation to Support Student Parents examines the Rise Prize applicant pool to shed light on the current landscape of solutions addressing the unique needs of Risers, and highlights examples to uncover the strengths of existing solutions, as well as remaining gaps that offer opportunities for future innovation. Practitioners, policymakers and entrepreneurs can learn from and expand on the work of this pioneering community. Like Risers, we must be ambitious, resilient, future-focused, and ready to advance as we build a postsecondary system that works for them, because when student parents rise, we all rise.