Impact Redefined

captures the transformative impact our partners are making on learners, families and communities. The report also surfaces the key learnings that emerged in 2022, the insights that have influenced our strategy and how all of this has led us to redefine and broaden the way we measure impact.

Part of striving to create healthier, more equitable systems is pushing ourselves to consider more ways to sense and adapt to change. Three years into our journey as Imaginable Futures, we have witnessed how much has been redefined in the world in which we live, learn and work. Everything has changed around us. Communities have shifted. Philanthropy, in many ways, has too.

When we went from a primarily venture-based social impact model to a systems change model, it led us to think about and define “impact” differently. We know that metrics of success and data are important for tracking progress and identifying gaps, and we also know that not everything that matters can be measured. To sustain truly transformative change, like the kind that all learners deserve, communities must have a say in defining what impact and success really mean for them. In this report, through stories and examples of our partners’ work, we aim to share what can’t be shared in data alone. We hope that the stories and perspectives shared spark ideas for how you or the organizations you work with approach strategies around measuring impact.