Organization Name: 4.0 Schools

Focus Area: Littlest Learners
Region: United States
Sector: Non-Profit
Investment Year: 2017
Status: Alumni
4.0 is the largest first-check investor in education today and has trained over 1,000 leaders who serve over a million students and families. They connect, coach, and invest in curious people to run pilots with students and families that validate demand and efficacy of promising schools, learning spaces and tools. Afterwards, they connect teams with strong pilots to downstream partners. They believe that more ideas from diverse leaders will equate to faster, innovative and meaningful changes in education.

Why We Invested

For every nine new start-ups founded in K-12 education, only one targets early childhood. Moreover, the best ideas most often come from the people closest to the problems they are trying to solve. We need more innovation in education and in early childhood in particular, and especially more innovation from new places. 4.0 Schools is building that community of innovators in education across the country--and making it possible for many people to test breakthrough ideas.

Genius is evenly distributed. Access to opportunity is not. 4.0 moves resources closer to local communities to affirm their visions of the future of school. We believe that, for every child to reach their full potential, we must invest in diverse leaders who have the lived experience to understand the needs of their community and the technical expertise to design relevant solutions.
Hassan Hassan, CEO, 4.0 Schools