Organization Name: Blended

Focus Area: Growing Learners
Region: Brazil / Latin America
Sector: For Profit
Investment Year: 2018
Blended is a mobile-first communication platform connecting teachers, students, and parents in Latin America. Four out of 10 kids drop out of school in Latin America and, as a region, it has the poorest education quality in the world. Blended believes that they can solve this problem by fostering parental involvement and providing better student information to teachers and parents. Their communication hub allows schools to integrate their EdTech solutions, while parents can access all relevant information about their kids through a simple mobile app.

Why We Invested

Even in the most effecient schools in Latin America instructional time in the classroom is 20 percentage points below best practice levels, meaning that students are losing an entire school day every week from their learning time. Time is lost to classroom management and administrative requirements — teachers taking attendance, grading homework, distributing papers, etc. These pain points have been solved by technology in many other industries and we believe its where edtech will be adopted in incipient markets. Blended offers everything that school leaders need to save time and money including communications, attendance, grading, and reporting.

With over 150 million kids in school age in Latin America, the World Bank estimates that nearly 55 million will drop out before finishing high school. We believe the education system fails in two key factors that ensure school completion: getting reliable information on student performance and getting parents involved in their kids’ education. That’s why we are using technology to help families and schools come closer together, from the Caribbean to Patagonia.
Nicolás Gimenez, Founder and CEO, Blended