Organization Name: DataDrive2030

Focus Area: Littlest Learners / Growing Learners / Adult Learners
Region: Africa
Sector: Non-profit
Investment Year: 2023
DataDrive2030 (DD2030) is a South African based social enterprise that supports the collection and use of high quality data to drive improved child outcomes in the first 6 years of life. Their suite of Early Learning Outcomes Measure (ELOM) tools measure a range of developmental outcomes in young children, and provide an indication of the quality of the early learning environment in home and program settings.

Why We Invested

DataDrive2030 has an ambitious and impactful goal of using data tools and insights to increase the percentage of young children in South Africa who thrive by age five. We’re proud to support DD2023, especially as there is no other organization that is leading the charge of developing tools and analyzing data to understand learning outcomes of South African children. Underpinning all of their work is the desire to democratize data collection through removing barriers to data access; and embed habits of data use within the early childhood development ecosystem at all levels.