Organization Name: Digital House

Focus Area: Growing Learners / Adult Learners
Region: Brazil / Latin America
Sector: For Profit
Investment Year: 2017
Digital House is the leading platform-based education company in tech and digital skills in Latin America. With operations in Brazil and Argentina, Digital House seeks to transform Latin America by training the region ́s current and future workforce in the skills needed for the jobs to come. Under the belief that anyone can and will need to learn digital skills, Digital House applies its content, methodology and platform to teach students through their entire lifecycle: from K12 to undergraduate, graduate, career changers, up to executives and corporate employees.

Why We Invested

The skills gap in Latin America is particularly dire. Companies are still in the very early stages of digital transformation, and the demand for talent with digital skills in all disciplines is not being addressed by traditional education institutions. By providing high quality offerings focusing on the most demanded technical skills, Digital House will improve the employment prospects of their students and ultimately contribute to the digital transformation and thus economic productivity of Latin America.

We are confident that we can all move from ideas to action. With Digital House we seek that: empower all people to develop the key skills of the digital age; they can realize their dreams and generate a positive impact on society.
Nelson Duboscq, CEO, Digital House