Organization Name: EdSurge

Focus Area: Littlest Learners
Region: United States
Sector: For Profit
Investment Year: 2015
EdSurge informs, drives conversation and builds communities to support the future of learning for all. EdSurge aims to help educators, entrepreneurs, policymakers and other stakeholders be part of the rich and complex conversations about the evolving learning environments for everyone and the technologies and tools that support them. Along with sharing news, trends and research, EdSurge connects people through jobs board and through networking events, including virtual and live workshops and conferences.

Why We Invested

EdSurge is elevating new ideas and perspectives through investigative reporting shaping the future of learning, connecting to a diverse readership base made of eductors, edupreneurs, policymakers and funders. Our support of EdSurge has helped the organization expand its reporting into early care and education.

The fact that half of low-income 5-year-olds aren’t ready to enter kindergarten is gut-wrenching. Prioritizing how to right the conditions for these young learners is essential. Reporting deeply on what’s happening in early childhood classrooms and with these caregivers is humbling—and a powerful step toward improving students’ lives.
Betsy Corcoran, Cofounder and CEO, EdSurge