Organization Name: Innovation Edge

Focus Area: Littlest Learners
Region: Africa
Sector: Non-Profit
Investment Year: 2014
Innovation Edge is an innovation catalyst and social impact investor. They take a hands-on approach to supporting unconventional ideas that aim to transform early life experiences for children, aged 0 to 6, particularly those living in poverty. Their experience has shown that truly transformative solutions to large-scale problems are created when very different people are brought together to make unusual connections to each other and to ideas. We act as a catalytic connector and provide financial, strategic and project management support to individuals, nonprofit and for profit organizations from any field of expertise, to affect meaningful change for young children.

Why We Invested

Over 65% of young children in South Africa live below the upper poverty line and many of them face childhood stress and trauma and have no access to quality early learning experiences. Innovation Edge is a unique platform that has provided financial, strategic and implementation support to individuals, non-profit and for profit organisations for piloting and scaling unique ECD ideas that have meaningfully impacted lives of hundreds of thousands of children in South Africa.

Innovation happens when we open ourselves up to the unexpected; when we are mindful of and question our assumptions; and when we purposefully connect with people and processes that challenge us.
Sonja Giese, Founding Director, Innovation Edge