Organization Name: LearnZillion

Focus Area: Growing Learners
Region: Latin America
Sector: For Profit
Investment Year: 2015
Status: Exit
LearnZillion is an education software company with a mission: to empower teachers to provide the education that every student deserves. They provide the materials, tools, and support teachers need to implement the highest-quality curriculum. Founded by two educators in 2011, LearnZillion is now used by more than 1 in 3 US teachers.

Why We Invested

Current instructional materials such as textbook, curricula and lesson plans are usually static, without the ability to adjust to changes in standards, activity or progress. This is a challenge for both teachers, and school and district leaders. LearnZillion is the first K-12 "Curriculum-as-a-Service” company, changing curriculum from a static, paper-based product that schools own, to an adaptable, cloud-based service that districts subscribe to. The LearnZillion enterprise platform provides both digital curriculum material and professional services to school and district clients.