Organization Name: NewGlobe

Focus Area: Littlest Learners / Growing Learners
Region: Africa
Sector: For Profit
Investment Year: 2009
NewGlobe supports visionary governments by creating powerful technology-enabled public education systems. An education expert and leader in learning, NewGlobe has unequalled experience in dramatically transforming educational outcomes at speed and at scale.

Why We Invested

With 263 million children and young people not in school, and 330 million in school but not learning, we have a global learning crisis. We believe that a broad coalition between the public and private sector is needed to address this problem. Through their holistic, evidence-based and data-driven model that adapts to local needs of families and governments, NewGlobe, which includes their network of Bridge community school programs, has innovated on everything from teacher training and support to instructional design and administration to make classrooms transparent and learning more effective while demonstrating that governments can effective change and transform outcomes both swiftly and at scale.

NewGlobe is a moonshot that aims to change the future for millions of children living in extreme poverty. Supporting public education system transformation at both speed and scale using technology, data and evidence will help create the world we all aspire to live in. Schools should be places where it does not matter what your background is; they should give every child the opportunity to fulfill their potential and build a hopeful future both for themselves and their community.
Jay Kimmelman, CEO and Co-Founder, NewGlobe