Organization Name: MathTalk

Focus Area: Little Learners
Region: United States
Sector: For-Profit
Investment Year: 2020
Built on the idea that math is everywhere and can be used by anyone to better understand the world, MathTalk uses physical installations in parks and public spaces and highly-interactive augmented reality technology to provide positive early math opportunities and facilitate conversations about math between parents and children. MathTalk products and services are meant to inspire and equip adults with tools that prompt high quality early math experiences and conversations with children and promote full-family engagement in early math.

Why We Invested

There is a substantial and growing body of research that points to early mathematics ability as the best early predictor of later student success. In addition to research on the predictive power of early math, research shows that early math learning that is facilitated through adult and parent guidance can become more engaging and effective with the use of technology. MathTalk aims to use playful learning to reduce math anxiety and create positive math experiences for kids and parents alike. We believe Math Talk will enable hundreds of thousands of families to engage in early math in a way that is designed to meet their needs, reduce math anxiety in parents and improve math outcomes for children.

I know how strange it can sound to say that math literacy — and algebra in particular — is the key to the future of disenfranchised communities, but that’s what I think and believe with all of my heart.
Omo Moses, Founder and CEO, Math Talk