Organization Name: Shujaaz, Inc.

Focus Area: Growing Learners
Region: Africa
Sector: Non-profit
Investment Year: 2020
Shujaaz is a network of social ventures based in Nairobi. The network inspires, entertains and mobilizes 7.5 million young people ages 15-24 across East Africa by connecting them with the information, skills and resources they need in order to take control of their lives. Today, Shujaaz reaches more than half of young Kenyans and nearly a quarter of young Tanzanians. It is arguably East Africa’s biggest youth brand. Each week, Shujaaz engages youth, asking them questions on important, emergent and relevant topics. Known as Compass’ briefs, they capture ideas, shifts and priorities of young people across the network. Shujaaz also shares stories and narratives that empower youth and move them to action.

Why We Invested

Truly understanding youth sentiment on issues such as education, employment, health is critical for designing youth and equity-centric solutions. We are proud to partner with Shujaaz because of their unique focus and commitment to listening and lifting youth voices. In addition to engaging with youth, Shujaaz is a trusted resource for diverse stakeholders on the state of youth. Its COVID-19 Barometers and Compass series provide a platform for policymakers, funders and decision-makers to hear and deeply listen to the voices of young people.

Like Imaginable Futures, at Shujaaz Inc, we think it’s time to re-imagine new forms of training and education. Young people in our network have found peer-to-peer learning, community meetups and networking really effective, so that’s something we’re working hard on. But there’s a lot more innovation, research and design to be done here – how can we reimagine and revalue training for a generation facing a new kind of economy and ensure they can flourish?
Robert Burnet, CEO, Shujaaz, Inc.