Organization Name: Siyavula Education

Focus Area: Growing Learners
Region: Africa
Sector: For Profit
Investment Year: 2014
Siyavula Education focuses on using technology to enable access to high-quality education. Driven by a team of passionate scientists based in South Africa, Siyavula's flagship products are Siyavula Practice and Exam Prep as part of an online learning platform specifically designed to optimize an individual student's practice sessions based on the latest research into motivation, sequencing, cognitive science and using custom built technology. The current coverage is for high school Mathematics and Physical Sciences. These services are complemented by a catalog of openly-licensed textbooks available and free to read on the site. All books are approved and endorsed by the Department of Basic Education.

Why We Invested

Twenty years after apartheid, South Africa still has one of the most unequal and poorest performing education systems in the world. It has 3-4x the illiteracy and innumeracy as Kenya, in spite of being 5-6x wealthier on a per capita basis. Siyavula seeks to improve educational outcomes and equity through their Intelligent Practice product, a low-cost adaptive learning tool tailored specifically for high school mathematics, physics, and chemistry. The tech-engine which reaches low income students at scale uses formative assessment and machine learning to dynamically optimize learner experiences so they maximize mastery across the entire curriculum.

Our mission is to champion a love of maths and science by creating rich, integrated learning experiences for people everywhere through the use of science and technology.
Mark Horner, CEO, Siyavula