Organization Name: The Raising Child Care Fund

Focus Area: Littlest Learners
Region: United States
Sector: Non-Profit
Investment Year: 2021
Raising Child Care Fund (RCCF) is a pooled funding initiative of the Early Childhood Funders Collaborative, dedicated shifting dollars to grassroots organizations working alongside families and early educators in centers and homes to build their power and move the child care system to promote racial, gender, and economic equity. RCCF focuses on resourcing grassroots organizers at the state and local levels, and also connects state and local initiatives with advocacy happening at the federal level.

Why We Invested

Over the last few decades, national child care advocates have made meaningful progress. Yet, the total amount of public investment remains wildly insufficient to meet American families’ care needs and to adequately compensate providers. By bridging national advocacy efforts with the local community engagement of grassroots organizations, which work primarily with parents and providers, the movement for child care has the opportunity to generate the political will needed for policymakers to take transformative action. RCCF works to place those most impacted by the child care crisis at the center of a renewed national push, strengthening and broadening the call for all families to be able to access high quality child care for all children.

Organizing looks like centering the people that are impacted by whatever issue you are organizing around, putting them in the driver’s seat and giving them the resources they need to step into their power.
Mica Whitfield, State Director of 9to5 Georgia, a Raising Child Care grantee