Organization Name: The Rise Prize

Focus Area: Adult Learners
Region: United States
Investment Year: 2020
Status: Alumni
Imaginable Futures and Lumina Foundation, along with a group of leading partner organizations, launched the Rise Prize to award $1.5M in combined prizes to impact driven changemakers working on solutions that accelerate the post-secondary success of student parents. The Rise Prize aims to increase awareness of the unique needs of student parents and to grow the number of effective solutions that address the needs of student parents.

Why We Invested

When student parents rise, we all rise – that’s why we call them Risers. Of the 17 million students enrolled in US undergraduate degree programs, nearly 1 in 4 are Risers. Even more are accessing vocational, workforce, and other pathway programs. Risers are courageous, resourceful, and duly motivated to achieve postsecondary success, both for themselves and for their families, but face multiple systemic barriers. This is why we launched the Rise Prize, along with Lumina Foundation and 10 leading partners - to bring Risers to the forefront, build new innovative solutions, and tailor existing solutions to better serve them. With the right solutions, Risers can achieve their postsecondary dreams, leading to improved academic gains for their children, increased personal and societal economic benefits and overall family well-being.